Trapstar London



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They have been consistent with their brand, and their look grows everyday the more stars we see wear their clothing. Trapstar is a London conceived streetwear lifestyle clothing brand, their motto is that they believe there is a star trapped within everyone.  They’re purpose is to make you think and feel that way when purchasing their product. From an underground inner city sub culture to the High street stores in the city Harvey Nichols, Harrods, and Selfridges have all had collaborated with the brand.  The brand is highly influenced by iconic cinema, photography, music and contemporary art all the way to military references. There is nothing cliche about Trapstar it remains true by not following the regulations of fashion. The brand has become an ambassador/spokesman for the new era of forward thinking creative minds. Excessive promos, worthwhile suspense building the demand for these clothes grow with each new design. Trapstar has transcend the ethos through themed collections which come in the form of clothing.



Trapstar Flagship Strore
281 Porotbello Road
Unit 21 Portobellow Green Arcade
London, W10 5TZ

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