Malick IV opened the night with an aura of watch me, as I’m about to kill my set, I always feel like the first artist in any setting has something to prove. But I can honestly say after hearing him perform I’m excited to hear and see him tear down more shows and hear more music. It’s safe to say we can expect an EP in late August/September.

Taliwhoah – is someone I can listen to over & over again she reminds of a young aaliyah not just by her voice by from her attire on the night. When she performed I had visuals of the situations she was describing in her music and I can only say that I definitely keen to see how her future is and how she grows as an artist. Confidence on the mic can only come from experience and having performed at the previous Arts Meets Music she knew her audience and was comfortable in allowing us to witness her world.


Kelz TBK –Kelz is particular with his singing and storytelling, I feel like he could have been in TGT the way he sings, nevertheless another unique artist who has vivid expression with his times growing up in east and dangerous lifestyle moments. His support was infectious and catch phrases that would have the crowd singing, was always great to see from an artist and most importantly the audience. Like I told him when I met him “stay on it” was my favourite song by him and in doing so opened up with the song that undoubtedly got him the most plays on sound cloud.

YJ – being able to introduce YJ was a real pleasure for me, because  I knew already his performance was going to be dope as hell. And was I wrong? No YJ skill levels on the mic are one that compares to a veteran, he made sure that not only he enjoyed every moment on stage but the crowd enjoyed to. Being supported on stage by his Orphgang teammate Tinyman just made it more special to watch. After just releasing Black Lives Matter on soundcloud a day before I knew he would save the best for last especially as it address the times were in. Thank you YJ!

Koder – What can I say about Koder except WOW, he illustrated art on wall on the night and also gave people a chance to see his latest video. Koder is another act that’s put in groundwork and stuck to his true calling, which is Grime, and it seems to be paying off for him. I think for me my favourite song by him was “Ignorant Katie” again another song seeing performed live and how the audience reacted too it was something special. His passion for grime can be seen through his facial expression as he’s spitting on stage, he really has the essence of that genre embed in him.


Shadez The Misfit – I always say the line up is very important for any event being put on and this one was just right. Capping off the night we see my good friend Shadez have an intimate moment with the audience. Taking us through his rhythmic journey and we discover different sides to shadez because not only does he perform his song but we see him do a cappella also on the night. Fires ft Bipolar Sunshine a song that has been played on 1xtra and can be purchase on itunes and spotify. Having over 100k plays on soundcloud was amazing to see him perform this on a platform such as this.

Art Exhibited by, Jenny B, PerPlex, Patataj, Jasmin Sehra, Mathew Vieira, Tom Paice, Aysha Arthouse, Kay Davis

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