Who is Paxton Ingram? If you could sum up whom you are in like three words what would say?

“Funny, Fly and Fresh”

Who was Paxton Ingram before the voice?

“Paxton Ingram before the voice was a kid working three jobs just trying figure it out , trying book as many sessions in the studio as I could afford, hustling you know singing at my church working at Urban Outfits doing the damn thing man trying to get to this point.”

Working three jobs!! Wow when did you realise that singing is what you wanted to full time?


“Ever since I was a kid I knew I wanted to do something in music I was a dancer at first and got a chance to work with a lot of great artist got experience in the industry and learning what it was like to be on the video set or whatever the job was on the day, and I noticed I wanted something more I kind of did everything as a dancer and I wanted to explore what I could do as a singer so I went all in.”

What did the voice teach you as a person? Being on there going through the stages and rigorous regime and vocal sessions, what did hat bring out of you? What did you enjoy most about being on there?


“Definitely made me realise who I was as an artist more clear I knew exactly what I wanted to say what I want to sound like what I wanted to look like, what Paxton as an artist was because I was just a boy that could sing and I was really trying to search what I was going to say as a platform so that definitely made more aware of who I am.”



Can you play any instruments?


“Lol no dude I can like mess around on the piano but no I cant play any instruments no.”


Debut EP out right now Recover over 1 million streams, did you anticipate that at all?


“No not at all dude, I knew the music was worth it I knew the music could get there but you know it gets scary cause you never know ive seen a lot of people fro the show who have release music before me release music and it not have done as well as they projected it to do and we just did it and the fans reacted and they accepted so yh madd love to them.”

What’s your top two favorite songs on the EP?


“Barricade is most likely my favorite one but if like I wanted to cry and remember I listen to hands.”


Who are like your top three artists right now? Who influences you?


“Right now its Max martin and his tea. Sia , and drake.”


So after here (London) what’s next on the agenda for the rest of 2017?


“I’m going back home for a little bit go back to Miami see the family see the friends do some work out there, then head over to LA and do the whole thing all over again, trying to get as much new music out to the fans.”

What would be like the biggest stage you want to perform on?

“Ohh man super bowl half time for sure, that’s the stage that’s what I want lool”




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