David Guetta FT Sia And Fetty Wap – ‘Bang My Head’

David Guetta  Sia And Fetty Wap – ‘Bang My Head’


640_sia_489688127 fetty-wap-poses-during-the-2015-mtv-movie-awards

He’s backkkkkk, For his new music video  “Bang My Head,” David Guetta is showing us his perception of the future. And apparently, the future involves some epic urban, technicolor horse racing.

The French DJ featured his “Titanium” collaborator Sia to unravel a heavy chorus on the track, while Fetty Wap stamps his own memorable verse. This is all part of his plan for a remix that’s as slick and glitzy as the vid itself. first scene we open in a club, where the champagne’s flowing immensely and the gambling’s getting increasingly intense. the director really got his angles spot on for this, Guetta’s arch nemesis lays down the trump card, a small horse piece, it ignites a thrilling horse race in the outskirts of some city allowing him to recall both ancient and futuristic Rome at the same time amazing.



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