MONDAY – 32-37 Cowper St, London EC2A 4AP
Really captured and captivated the crowd, we hear a sudden cheer the moment the DJ starts the song.
I’ve always said live bands adds to an artist performance on stage and that’s exactly what we experienced tonight, someone that knows his audience and identifies with what the audience needs.
The sing alongs were evident throughout the night, girls singing their heart out to the songs that clearly made them feel some type of way.
Elhae establishes that he’s drawn out a bigger crowd for tonight’s event, tonight feels more sensual and intimate as we see couples in full.
Listen, the production on most songs we’ve witness tonight are crazy these are songs that had every person on their phones snap chatting just to capture the essence & energy this song delivers.
Quotable Lyrics “On a rooftop while I star gaze, Pardon me while I parle, Reminiscing’ on old times at the parkway,A young kid gettin’ change for the arcade.”
Rounded of the night with  “Love my nigga” Superstar already one of his best songs and a fan favourite the girls couldn’t get enough of it as he performed twice. Looking forward to his return to London I just hope Tuesday audience really appreciate his music the way we did.
“I feel you too, you feel me three, This feelings’ so deep, she’s like the sea She just wanna know, if I feel the same But she think I’m blinded by the fame But she still love a nigga”

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