Future In Concert 02 Academy

Future Concert Brixton 02 Academy


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Future performed in London before, but I was never really a fan until I heard his album (DS2) Dirty Sprite 2. Metro Boomin, did amazing work on that album none of the beats sounded the same, I was literally on a future high after that, started to then back track and listen to his older work. 56 Nights and Beast Mode were his bests mix tape those were the two that elevated his rap game, solidifying his album DS2.


On The Night……

After getting through security, it was strait to the front; because of the urge to get a good 10 seconds on Snapchat was a necessity. The night starts of with loud music playing from the “Krept&Konan” DJ DoctaCosmic. Encapsulating the crowd with old skool music from all types of genres and a few mixes as the night went on.

The Opening acts were interesting to watch, some more than others lets just say London lived up to its reputation of being the toughest crowds to please. A moment that will never be forgotten especially for a few individuals, surrounding by friends we this night would be one to remember.

DJ Esco, the ‘coolest DJ on the planet’ arrives on stage and prepares the audience for Futures arrival. Smoke begins to come out from the ground and there we have it the man of hour walks on stage so smooth with his fur coat. Listening to him live is an experience, and you begin to realise he has so many hits. Krept&Konan make an unannounced appearance to excite the fans, the night draws to an end but he left mark on me, I can’t wait for him to do the 02.


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