GoldLink “Heaven” Showcase




Hare Squead was incredible and definitely made the night a smooth transition before the arrival of Goldlink.

Goldlinks DJ came and got the crowd displaying elements of his music’s history by taking us through some of the greatest party songs to current date. i.e Drake ft Giggs.

I absolutely loved the entrance of Goldink and the leather fly jacket set the tone for how the rest of his performance was going to be.

Everybody sang along to “Girl you’re a star” as the harmonies and melodies were such a crowd pleaser. His early work showed who were his true fans and simultaneously displayed growth from where he was earlier in his career to what he’s become today which made you appreciate his work.

When “Don’t call me no more” came on you knew it would just be a vibe. I also have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the lighting at Heaven night club. They really showed up in terms of making the stage right for the artist they’re not normally used to having.

His cadence on the mic whilst performing “Summatime” was easily noticeable along with the rhythm and style of his delivery during “Summatime”. An interlude takes place in the night for serendipitous purposes of course, to wake and shake the audience. Special guest on the night was Masego and everyone went absolutely bonkers. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a crowd scream so loud in an intimate setting before. We took a slight pause to wish Masego a happy birthday and for me that was such a pleasure witnessing because even though the night was about Goldlink he has no shame in sharing the limelight with someone he cares about.

GoldLink is the reincarnation of “Twista” but way cooler and with a lot more sauce. The swag and bravado were shown throughout the night particular when certain songs came on like Herside Story which features Hare Squead of course.

“Crew” is a personal favorite off the project “At what cost” x2, because of the fact that it’s just so dope, why not play it again. My first experience of Goldlink is one I will never forget, after doing a set and still the audience opted for more he appeased us with two more songs before calling it a night.


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