SAMUEL ENI: “Being a fan I mean I don’t want to start off with the cliché questions just yet, but I want to know H.E.R. Before the music, what she was like growing up? What was her favourite colour? Was she a tomboy? Was she popular? What were you like growing up?”

H.E.R.: “Yes well my favourite colour was blue, I really loved school growing up I’ve always been a tomboy, I was always like a sneakerhead I love sneakers, but I was definitely like a girly tomboy you know, I was always staying in playing instruments instead of going outside, I played a lot I’ve always been like a loner.”

SAMUEL ENI: “What instruments can you play?”

H.E.R.: “Yes I can play piano, base, drums, and guitar learning how to play always interested me and it took a lot of my time.”

SAMUEL ENI: “You mention blue was your favourite colour mine too, what were favourite subjects in school?”

H.E.R.: “Probably English because of my opportunity to write ,you know anytime we had like a free write, or like a poetry time of the year or something I was always looking forward that.”

SAMUEL ENI: “So now you’re this big superstar, your music has travelled got an amazing voice when did it hit you that you have a fan base outside of the U.S.?”

H.E.R.: “Honestly it’s been a slow process, its kind of slowly hitting me like right now, I sold out my last tour here in the states, I mean like the entire tour you know every show and now I just sold out two dates in the U.K. and more and its growing and so that’s kind of surreal to me and I mean like it really hasn’t fully hit me but now its becoming real it’s kind of insane.”

SAMUEL ENI: “I can imagine I mean I heard about you late last year, it’s funny because my ex put me on to your music because she knows I’m a fan of listening out for new stuff, but I also wanted to know about the song “best part” the one you did with “Daniel Caesar” how did that collaboration come about? “

H.E.R.: “Yes I was actually in another session in a studio and I didn’t expect him to be there but my session didn’t work out and he came in and he said I’m a big fan of your music, and I said oh my god I love yours too, and erm we ended up chilling actually in the studio and it was just a moment thing we weren’t even suppose to create, and even after just talking he’s heavily influence by gospel music and it was just a moment honestly it just turned out to be magic.”

SAMUEL ENI: “Dope so growing up who was like your artist you would look too for inspiration? Who were you a fan of growing up?”

H.E.R.: “Oh my god “Alicia Keys” a lot of “Prince” even “Lauryn Hill” those are probably the three biggest influence.”

SAMUEL ENI: “So obviously you have H.E.R. Volume 1 & 2 when is the album? Are we receiving an album this year? Is that going to happen after your tour?”

H.E.R.: Absolutely maybe before the summertime you can hear stuff from the album, I mean I’m actually working on it right now!”

SAMUEL ENI: You release “My Song” I believe that’s the first song you’ve released this year, I absolutely love the keys in that, that’s song is one of my favorite song to come out this year so far, I always feel like when an artist plays keys in the background its something personal it’s a personal song (absolutely) is that like a snippet from the album? Because I know artist like to drop singles before the album.

H.E.R.: Yeah I wouldn’t consider it a single but I would consider it as you know just to drop something I felt like it needed to be heard I wrote that song when I was 16 (WOW) so yeah its pretty old a lot of people didn’t know that erm but I just felt like it needed it to be heard my album definitely going to be honest and true sonically I can’t really tell you what it’s going to be but I get to figure it out but I’m creating right now I’m just in the studio and kind of going back to what I was feeling when I wrote ‘My Song” so maybe it was just like a hint of the feeling.

SAMUEL ENI: Nice I hear you, so obviously people may classify or label you as alternative R&B would you kind of put yourself in a box at all? Or would you say I’m just free flowing I kind of dive into any genre and what’s your thought on R&B now? Do you feel like R&B is in a good space right now?

H.E.R.: “OH yeah R&B is definitely in a good place right now and I feel like R&B is the core of everything you know I would say Volume 1 & 2 is definitely alternative R&B but that’s the core of everything and I think that’s going to be in everything I do. But I consider myself genre less, you know even “My Song” is not an alternative R&B song and even like 2 has got like a “Timbaland” vibe, there’s just like a lot of different influences in the music and you will start to see it like branch off into a lot of different things but it’s all going to be me you know it’s all going to be H.E.R. But yeah R&B is in a great place right now there’s a lot of R&B artist that are shining and getting the recognition they deserve which is rear, but I think that’s because they’re being honest, and that’s what R&B about it’s at its most honest state right now it’s kind of like the 90s I guess R&B was so true and I think it’s going back to that.”

SAMUEL ENI: “I think my last question would be if you could sing with anyone in the world on stage right now who would it be?”

H.E.R. “If I could sing with anyone on stage dead or alive? (Yeah) it would have to be “Michael Jackson” (Yeahhhhhhhh) it would have to be “Michael Jackson“, because I think you know he’s an icon, but he’s also genre less you know he’s not one thing Michael not one thing he’s just Michael. He grew up in music and we grew with him and I feel like, I have a similar story and I want a similar audience I mean he had everybody he was genre less and I think I can do so much.”

SAMUEL ENI: “Thank you so much for your time can’t wait to see you in March, see you then and enjoy your session.”