A live band makes an exceptional addition to any night of performing but for tonight in particular, it was absolutely amazing. Intalekt starts off with a small taste of what is in store for us when he and the band jam together; a hyped and energised performance left everyone wanting more.

Eff Raps is the first out and it is safe to say he left his mark on the crowd, leaving us with a story to decipher on stage. He is someone I see a lot of promise in and I would like to know more about who he is and his background.

Intalekt seizes another moment to amaze the crowd with a short but moving offering of rhythm and melody in what he called ‘Game Break’.

Now there are certain moments on a live night where an artist does something and you simply think, “wow”. Tinyman had one of them which made me wonder why he has that name, because there was nothing tiny about his performance. It is a great feeling watching someone you seen coming up over the years doing what they love and getting the reaction that they deserve.

Ella Frank – ‘Comfortable’. The message is clear but it is also refreshing to see it performed live; the musical chemistry on stage is undeniable. Ella serenades the crowd with her vocals and we genuinely see the passion for music through her movement.

Question. Why hasn’t YJ blown yet?!  Your guess is as good as mine, I really do not understand. What I do know is that he is an artist with unapologetic energy and stage presence and the partnership between him and Intalekt is truly authentic. Before the end of his performance the crowd were chanting “ORPH”. Very excited to see what else he and ORPHGANG have in store for us.

‘It Is What It Is’ should actually have been the title for this event because I did not know what to expect from tonight but it truly spoke for itself. Congratulations to Intalekt for leaving the crowd with something to remember; the fusion of everyone on that stage was a blessing to witness.

The ‘It Is What It Is’ EP is out now on Soundcloud.


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