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Levelle London Headline Show

DJ 199



Frank Ekwa

Levelle London

Produced his whole EP, “ Traits Of An Empath”

Host: Tamika Tan

DJ plays old school hip hop to kick off the night.

Simultaneously we have a packed night full of teens, rearing to get the night underway.


Started off the night, my second time seeing him live, and his aura as a musician is tremendous- ” when I say brrrrrrrrr you say stick up”. His ability to get the crowd hype so early on in the night is just a revolution of J Flows.


He touched the mic and got a wheel up in 8 seconds for just saying three words. I absolutely love it when fans know the words to an artist’s song, and for the artist it must feel nostalgic.

“Saying good night to the night time”

The word ‘talent’ doesn’t do justice in describing the artist that Kadiata is. He brought his whole squad on for his final performance being his most viral track in his catalogue ‘Dumb’ capping off an exceptional set that definitely left the crowd stunned.

Frank Ekwa

The movement and lyrics fit perfectly for the crowd, as they were introduced to “burden”. Frank definitely announced his stage presence with a song that serenaded the crowd and made the audience laugh.

I like the fact that Frank’s tracks addressed both a male and female audience; I think it’s essential that any new upcoming artists tailor their work to both genders.

“Sex in the room” was the track where he had hilarious responses from the audience to which vibe off, with some Trey Songs movements on stage.

Let the night begin

Levelle arrives on stage and the crowd goes mad. It was also nice to see other artists such as Kojey Radical, Che Lingo, Ryan De La Cruz, attend and show support. That humanity from other artists is something that makes music resonate with a deeper meaning. Every track that was played moved the audience- was it because they knew the words, or because the production was just to trill, or maybe it was both. All in all congratulations to not only Levelle but all the other artist that left us with a memorable performance. London has such a great buzz, with new artists emerging… what a time to be in London. Who cares about The EU Referendum…

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