New Video: Kid Ink Bunny Ranch


Listen to Kid Ink’s “Summer In The Winter” highlight “Bunny Ranch”.



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Kid Ink, just surprised all his  fans with his brand new “Summer In The Winter” project, just to round off 2015 with his second full-length album in the calendar year. An appropriate titled effort, continuing with his signature melodic west coast bounce, thats works so effectively for him  which plays just as well in December as it does in July.

The Partnership is still going strong, naturally DJ Mustard (who produced “Show Me,” “Main Chick,” and many more of Ink’s hits) has returned on opening track “Bunny Ranch,” providing the audience with an infectious bassline, that goes well with the title which the rapper greets with some catchy bars. The project is now available on iTunes so be sure to grab your copy, enjoy the video below



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