IFWT_KID-INK-FETTY-WAP fetty-wap-compressed



This song just makes me just want to get married like literally, an astute wedding-themed visuals  serenades us as the audience to do exactly just that. In this video Kid Ink and Fetty Wap “Promise” politely curates a slight twist to a nuptial tying motif. Events leading up to the big day, suggests that Ink doesn’t want to tie the knot. Secret meetings with attractive females in covert surroundings, photographed throughout the city, eventually his woman to be assumes the worst when evidence has been publicly exposed thinking that he’s cheating on her.

But alas, Kid Ink  isn’t messing around with other females in the Mike Ho-directed video, but rather forming his master plan to a surprise ceremony for his wife. Clearly a well thought romantic gesture, as a wedding singer performs a rendition of Kid Ink’s “Badass” that’s ends the night in laughter

The video is a perfect representation of art imitating life, with Ink engaged to Asiah Azante. The happy couple have welcomed a new member into their lives just this February a baby girl, Kid Ink took to social media and posted a beautiful picture of himself and his daughter.