Q: According to you what separates you from other businesswoman and what’s your USP?

Jasmine: “errm well what separates phonefancy my business from other businesses is we specialize in all different kind of phone accessories from protected cases to rechargeable cases and we have a niche market for fancy designer cases as well. Our unique selling point is that we do all of it, from phone repair to designer cases, waterproof cases, portable charges, anything that’s phone related.”

Q: When did you realise that your business had taken off?

Jasmine: “I’ve been doing the business three and a half years, errm maybe 6 months into it, I woke up one day and a Danish blogger had posted and told people to go to the site for this one specific case and that morning we earned over 10,000 dollars in sales in like a few hours. That was the turning point for me I quit my job I had at the time and started running it full time.”

Q: What’s been like your best purchase from a customer?

Jasmine: “Well we do a lot of wholesale we don’t really have a best purchase, but the most exciting moment was giving Rihanna phone cases. Rihanna is now my really good friend so when she took pictures with the phone cases I was really excited about that.”

Q: If you could go back in time and change things what would you change and why?

Jasmine: “I would have got into this business years ago, I would’ve started a lot earlier than I did, I had two businesses before the phone accessories, and I actually really enjoy this business girls love cute stuff for their phones, guys like good protective cases for their phones just like the portable charger its like an accessory like a purse you know!”

Q: What’s been the weirdest DM someone has ever sent you?


Jasmine: “Normally from guys asking about dating stuff and me like that, like nothing business related at all.”

Q: Are you dating? And how do you find time to balance work and your personal life?

Jasmine: “Well I’m single at the moment, I do eventually want to balance both but right now I just opened a store a year ago so I’m really focused on getting my business to the next level and you dating will come along.”

Q: According to you what are your keys for having a successful business?

Jasmine: “Just balance having patience believing in yourself believing in your brand, the key is believing in yourself if you don’t believe in your brand nobody else will ad what sets phonefancy apart is that I put a lot into building the brand making commercials, events etc and from that people recognize it.”

Q: Pop up store in London

Jasmine: “Yes I’m so excited this is my first time doing it at radiant London salon, its so crazy because I’ve been wanting to come to London for years but I didn’t have an opportunity or a reason to come so this is perfect and I’m having a great time.”

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