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Me: How would you describe the hip-hop scene in Toronto right now?


Jazz Cartier: “ Its getting pretty crazy you know there’s definitely a lot of young kids coming up doing their thing, I’m really happy with it, I’m really happy to be the leader of it.”

Me: Aside from yourself which other artist do you see coming up making waves this year?

Jazz Cartier: “You know there so many that if I start naming a few I’m going to miss some crucial ones so I’m just going to advise people to do their research, cos I don’t want to miss anybody out you know what I’m saying I f*** with everybody that’s doing their thing back home.”

Me: I’m hearing this nickname running around and I’m sure that you’ve been asked this question before. Tell us the story behind Jacuzzi Le Fleur?

Jazz Cartier: “Jacuzzi Le Fleur well if you look at Jacuzzi Jacuzzi is the only water with Jazz in it so its kind of like the alter ego of what jazz cartier is and le fleur is you know I’m the flower pretty simple.”

Me: When was the moment that you started getting noticed according to you?

Jazz Cartier: “I think it was 2014 that’s when things started to like pic up for me errmm (do you remember what you was doing that year specifically?) I was doing s lot of bad s***, I know that for a fact I was doing so much bad s*** that I think the newspaper wrote an article about us then I was like wow, we’re in the newspaper everyone going start knowing who we are we gotta start changing our lifestyle up so that when s*** change for me.”

Me: When did you first start making music? Who were your influences growing up? were there Toronto locals that you looked up to?

Jazz Cartier: “When I was 15, I was listening to lil wayne, Big Sean, obviously Drake errm Zero, E40, Dipset, G-unit, all that s*** Kanye.”

Me: On tour at the moment how’s the reception been so far, where have you been prior to London or was London the first stop?

Jazz Cartier: “London the first stop then Leeds is next, you know you have to start off with the bang that’s why I had to come to London.”

Me: Have there been any places that surprise you aside from London like anywhere that you’ve been around the world?

Jazz Cartier: “Greece surprised me, I didn’t know I had fans up there, yeah its wild you never really think about it. Well personally I was being kind of ignorant but I never really thought people in Greece will f*** with my music its life changing.”

Me: What’s next for you after the tour?

Jazz Cartier: “After the tour I’m going to lock into the studio make a whole lot of new music “FLUER ADVERSE” coming out that’s the name of the next project errrm there’s no date yet but just know that is going to be special.”

Me: The performance tonight what can we expect from you?




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