Interview: Mr Eazi

Location: Red Bull Studios

Written By: Samuel Eni

Samuel Eni: With Culture Fest being of Nigerian and Ghanaian descent, many people would have assumed that you would have put on a showcase like this back home. Why did you decide to do it in London?

Mr Eazi: I think first off, because London was the place I decided I wanted to be a musician. After doing a show at the 02 in Kentish town, I felt like okay I wanted to create something that basically explains what afrobeats is culturally and the meaning. It has elements of everything it takes to make afrobeats from the people who will turn up, to the music, the DJ the production, the artist to the fashion, to the dance. I have a showcase of everything to everybody at once for everybody that comes. When you leave you won’t get it twisted you will know exactly what afrobeats is.

Samuel Eni: What’s interesting about you as well is that when I read articles about you, you comment saying that you like people to know that your country is with you wherever you go. Why is that important to you?

Mr Eazi: When you think about it at the end of the day that’s all you really have, all you have is your identity so it’s always important that people know you for who you are. You don’t just get lost because once you lose your identity you lose your sauce. If I lose my identity (as in where I’m from Nigeria Ghana) then I’m just there then I can be put in different pots, but if my identity is with me you are not going to put me in different pot I’m going to stand alone. Just like when you see a reggae artist you know which pot to put him in, because you’re not going to put him in any different category part of my identity is my culture where I am from.

Samuel Eni: Mixtape is out now ‘Life is Eazi’ Vol 1. How excited were you to have that out?

Mr Eazi: For me personally it was almost scary to put out a project because a lot of people told me that this is a singles market, aint nobody got time for compilation just keep giving them singles back to back, but I felt l like I had to make a statement and I’m happy I did because everything that has happen to me this year has been from the mixtape and it was a great decision.

Samuel Eni: What’s your favorite song on the mixtape?

Mr Eazi: It depends but right now it is Accra to Lagos but every week that changes.

Samuel Eni: Another question I wanted to ask was how did you manage to get acquainted with your stylist Mariam?

Mr Eazi: My Friend went to university with Mariam and one day he posted a picture of her on Instagram. I asked him who that girl was because her style spoke to me and he passed her details on to me. This girl is interesting, she has a strong personality and she supports me with the craziest ideas. Like when I wanted to do a photoshoot for my mixtape and I told her that I wanted to wear the Ghana must go bag, she went to make an outfit into a local Yoruba setting.

Samuel Eni: How important is it to you that the culture fest attracts a different type audience? So not just the audience you expect but the ones that you wouldn’t necessarily see at a Mr Eazi concert?

Mr Eazi: I would hope to see people who have never listened to afrobeats, just come and try and see what it’s about, that’s why I’m even picking that venue because I know if its another venue it would have been sold out by now. This me trying to get a bigger crowd and attract a different type of audience.

Samuel Eni: Describe Mr Eazi in like three words?

Mr Eazi: Chilled…Chilled. Chilled lol.

Samuel Eni: Do you still eat a plate of banku before you go into the studio?

Mr Eazi: Lol these days no but when I’m ready to record my own project I will.