Samuel Eni Interviews Olivia Louise

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Samuel Eni Interviews Olivia Louise

The interview focuses on her love for music whilst balancing here personal life being a parent; we clearly see her passion and dedication to her craft during the interview.

Olivia Louise, was born to be a singer, her family has always supported her in her pursuit to achieve her dream, built a home studio and is always writing her own material a true creative. The interview covers the difficult aspect of the business and how important it is to network and keep relationships.

She’s been singing since she was four, always had music in her heart, but also has a degree, highly motivated and god fearing, she also talks about working with American artist, loves the underground scene and working with grime artist, such as Bonkaz, No-Lay, Manga Etc


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Twitter: @Samuelenii | @Olivia_LouiseUK

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