With his latest release ‘Come Again’ taking online by storm it safe to say that the project “Essence” is going to be worth the wait.

SNE joined me on Eni Views, to talk about his buzz online and having booking success at so many platforms in and around London.

Samuel Eni “ According to you what separates you from other artist? Why do you differ?”


SNE “ Ermm I feel like I’m doing exactly the same thing as everyone else but better, like because I wouldn’t say that, saying I’m different it’s a cliché, I’m not different I’m a rapper I’m a singer there’s no difference but in what we do there just a level above.”

The interview clearly shows SNE aware of his accomplishments so far but is still always ready for more, and wanting to improve. He refer to we in the interview, the we being his team “ I Dream big” and how the level they have set stands out.


As the interview went on we touched on previous and present music, such as the song he made for Tiana Major, which she’s yet to reply to. And his recent collaboration with Sony/Relentless artist south London rapper and Wireless performer Nadia Rose. “Goku” premiered on DJ Semtex show on BBC Radio 1xtra, the song also streamed on several community radio stations such Reprezent, Westside, The beat etc.

SNE has promised his audience a body of work, which he says he’s been feeling the pressure to release something of the sort for quite some time now. All in the entire interview allows us to see SNE as an artist that takes building his craft and representing where he’s from seriously.

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