8th June event from 7pm-9.30pm at Monty’s Lounge, 149 Brick La, London E1 6SB

7.20pm-7.40pm LUKE DAVIES


Directs short films, music videos and adverts. Born in London, living in London, Los Angeles and New York

His short films and advertisements have featured in a lot of film festivals – especially Unleaded

Unleaded (7 minutes) –

Death by Scrabble (5 minutes) –


How did you come up with the story for Unleaded?

Death by Scrabble is also very clever, what was the inspiration for this?

Why comedy?

Whats next for you?




Matthew’s work has been featured in a lot of festivals and has worked with a lot of brands including Reebok

His work includes short films, documentaries, music videos and advertisements


Hale (13 minutes) – – P/W: tottenham


It seems as though Hale tells a story of how tensions build and how different people’s worlds can collide – it was almost like everyone on their own worst day with really crazy results

What is it a representation of?

Why the name Hale?


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8pm-8.15pm DANNY WONDERS


Danny directs music videos, short films and has his own YouTube series ‘A lesson learnt’.


Lost in the World (11 minutes) –


Why did you think it was important for this story to be told?

Whats next for you?

8.15pm-8.30pm Interval

8.30pm-8.45pm RAMONE ANDERSON


Ramone is 26, he studied filmmaking at LCC in 2012 and since then has been a freelance videography. He’s currently working for Boiler Room, producing and directing pre-recorded content such as music videos and documentaries.

Sean (11 minutes) password is ‘chips’


Such a positive story and different to the ones we usually see about knife crime. Why did you chose to come at it from this angle?


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Born and raised in London, Rory is a graduate of the Royal College of Art. He has worked as an in-house animator at Hasbro, and also created work for Nokia and Glastonbury Festival. Rory’s work includes both short films and adverts


Mr Madila (minutes) –


Where did the inspiration come from?

Even though it’s a comedy, and it’s really funny by the way – is there a deeper meaning?

Whats next for you?



9pm – 9.20pm R.M MOSES



Initially started off with photography. Then moved on to music videos. Now runs a production company called ‘Blame the Consumer’


Reflection (4 minutes) –

Princess (10 minutes) –



Reflection is very empowering and motivating – for you personally, what does it mean?

Why do you feel fatherhood needs light shed on it?

Did you approach Kadeem? Or were you approached?

Whats next for you?

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