Screened Nights


Host: Samuel Eni & Guila

The night starts off with DJ RBC playing some Hiphop, Rnb, to get the night started as guest stroll in. People arrive and are greeted by the staff that offer popcorn and are made aware of the bar to buy drinks.

The Screening Opens

He Works the Long Night by Luke Carlisle (8 minutes)

A movie that had everyone’s attention instantly, the movie describes a drug dealing with formalities and conforming to his lifestyle, a lifestyle that has sleepless nights and comes at a risk to ones health.

The star of the film was British Actor “David Ajala” an actor I’m all too quite familiar with.

Wipeout by Paul Murphy (5 minutes)


An Irish-born, London-based award winning director and writer, swaps between drama and comedy. He’s interested in story telling, whether serious or humourous, stories that help us to understand our collective unconscious, and what makes human beings tick. ‘Wipeout’ was made in 7 days, and he also works on commercials, he’s currently working with a number of writers developing a number of different projects; shorts, feature length dramas, and a tv comedy series

Over by Jorn Threlfall (14 minutes)


BAFTA nominated director, who is currently developing his first feature length film

Run by Thea Gajic (7 minutes)

Run was intriguing purely because of the relationship I held with some of the cast members, nevertheless everyone perform exceptional. I like the message and the irony of the film, the subject matter was clearly based on both genders but we explore from female aspect. During the Q&A questions were asked about another being filmed, as the audience felt it deserved a continuation, but sadly there wont be Thea Gajic is definitely someone to watch as she is ruthless in her work I’m excited to see more from her.

Wasteman Diaries written by Kojo (32 minutes)

CEO of the Colour Network, a digital platform housing short films, web series and animation, giving creatives a platform to build their brands.

A short film that had everything, entertainment, dialogue, humor, life lessons, by far the funniest short film on the night. The actors in this were convincing in each of their roles, I couldn’t see any point were I personally was losing any interest the audience were the same. In the Q&A Kojo explains why he made this short film and how he plans on making more such films also explore different genres. His experience is invaluable something I feel the audience understood and took to.


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