Studio Sessions With “Bonkaz”


Studio Sessions With Bonkaz

Producer: Greatness Jones

Photographer: Shotbydom

The night begins with beats being showcased on display, to see which one attracts the artist “Bonkaz”

Bonkaz talent is undeniable, his raw energy will captivate the beat and entice us as the audience.

Bonkaz ability to freestyle on beat is crazy, his arsenal of the English language is amazing, descriptive and decisive.

More time shotbydom a personal friend and an exceptional cameraman, the night wouldn’t be the same without pictures of Bonkaz in his element.

No But seriously you guys had to be in the studio when Greatness played the ‘Westcoast’ Beat, I mean WOWWW literally blew my mind. The beat had me and Dom serenading and doing imaginary guitar moves in the studio.

Then later we see Haile “WSTRN” and Avelino arrive in the studio to join Bonkaz. More beats are being displayed and each rappers decides to do a freestyle on every beat that’s being played.

Everyone seems, to have great chemistry in the studio, there were no egos and everything just wanted to vibe and make music. Avelino then took over to play us some exclusive material, God this boy talented. Haile then did the same, and let’s just say it’s going to be an exciting 2016.

One thing I can honestly say about being in the studio with Bonkaz is his vibe when he’s in there anything possible. He brings style and personality to the studio with everyone he meets but especially when it’s game time to lay down some bars.

“See me on the big flat screen TV they show me all of the love”

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