You would think that  after having such a huge success with “Crew”, in the Billboard Hot 100 an artist would take a break! Nope not  GoldLink, sharing the visual for his latest single “Meditation”, featuring special cameos from Jazmine Sullivan and Ray J.

In the video we see people dancing and socializing as the camera pans across and scans the room to show how litt the warehouse party is. Of course what then takes place is a man and woman deep eye contact stripping each other naked with as they gaze at each other presence.

Goldlink has the famous encounter but is quickly cut short as the boyfriend makes his way over to her Sullivan serenades the chorus in a bathroom with ladies clad in disco-inspired clothing, while link still has every intention to pursue her.

Ray J appears in a cameo while getting a haircut in the middle of the action,  Goldlink goes to a dark ally talking and holding hands as they take over the dance-floor while the beat breaks down with sharp snaps and Afrobeat-style drums. The intimate session is witness by everyone on the dancefloor but more importantly by her boyfriend which follows up with a confrontation that’s when it kicks off as the two men square off and gunshots are fired, a classic way to end any and all parties.