Fine girl ” Zie Zie” released an amazing video via GRM Daily there were  certain aspects of it that reminded me of Goldlink’s video, “Crew” just in terms of how it was shot the aesthetics particularly in the attire department when you had the fur coat on, to everyone vibizng how much of an input did you have in the making of the video?


Zie Zie – “Mostly on the clothing but the direction was all them, so I just went along with it but I like their idea and it went quite smoothly.”

Sam – “How long have you been making music for?”

Zie Zie “ I’ve been making music for like a year plus, but seriously I’ve only been doing for a year.”

Sam – “Do you feel any kind of pressure or is it still fun to you even though it’s quite early in your career?”

Zie Zie – “No I don’t have no pressure it’s still very fun to me, I know what I’m doing for the songs that I’ve got there not like one hit wonders, I’m consistent with my music so when I come I’ve got more bangers on the way.”

Sam – “You had Mingle on sound cloud and that went off, what do you think sets aside from other artist how do you think you’re different?”

Zie Zie – “I’ve got different sounds, with like my melodies and I don’t stick to one sound there a variety there I would like to think I’m versatile I can flow through any type of genre.”

Sam – “Fine Girl” is on 2,200,000 million views on GRM and 5,500,000 million streams on Spotify your just so calm with this why you not gassed bro lol that’s super crazy.”

Zie Zie – “ It’s because I dunno how to take all of this its all a bit new to me but I’m just a composed person.”

Sam – “Is it kind of weird how people have responded to you because there’s artist out there that have hit those numbers on streaming.”

Zie Zie – “Before I started music I was getting high views so when I came in to the game professionally it was more of expectancy, so now I see all of this I just want to go higher I think then it would mean more to me.”

Sam – “Heard the song mingle what inspire the song and how did you go about making the song?”

Zie Zie – “Mingle” well I was just arguing with my cousin which is a normality as we bicker quite a lot then I just went to my loft because I like writing music in there its peaceful and quiet. Then I was flicking to some YouTube beats and I came across this beat, played it then I started writing to it went downstairs to show my cousin, he was feeling it so then we recorded a quick freestyle for the social particularly instagram and it took off the support was crazy from that.”

Sam- “How important was it to you when the veterans such as Krept and Konan give you a co sign comment and like your music?”

Zie Zie- “Well because I’m in the studio I go to, different kind of artist come in all the time, it’s overwhelming just seeing this one person come in, I remember one time we was chilling in the studio and Yungen just walked in and I was like this is not normal it was crazy lol.”

Sam – “Now powerhouses in this game such as Dj Target, Semtex what does that support mean to you so early in your career, have supported you?”

Zie Zie – “It just gives me more of a platform it means a lot because now I have them pushing me as well it’s a definite when I release more songs they’ll definitely have my back.”

Sam – “To you what’s the most important thing about being an artist?”

Zie Zie – “The most important thing is not being compared to other people, I want people to hear me and think oh who this? He sounds different just being singled out and being in my own lane.”

Sam – “ What’s your most embarrassing moment in your life?”

Zie Zie – “I think my most embarrassing moment would have to be in school I got in trouble with the teacher, and I got isolated as school was drawing to a close my mum came in with my siblings shouted out my mum in front of the whole and started cussing me the worst thing lol”

Sam – “Remix Afro B Ymcee talk to me, set the scene what was it like working with them?”

Zie Zie – “It’s was just organic the connections that I’ve got now coming to this industry and its just amazing my team very strong, like I said the studio that I use now can be full of different artist and they could just walk in on a session and want to jump on a track.”

Sam – “What’s the next single coming out?”

Zie Zie – “ I was hoping that would be an easy question but listening to all the songs I’ve got I’m not sure not an easy choice, but it’s definitely going be a hit just don’t know which one to pick.”

Sam – “ What would be your dream collaboration?”

Zie Zie – “ My dream collaboration would have to be Tory Lanez for sure!”